Interesting Fish And Reptile Keeping Links

The internet has many resources available to learn more about keeping fish and reptiles, both good and bad. Here we have selected what we consider the best!

One of the largest reptile and amphibian sites on the internet. This very popular site contains an active and informative forum, topical news stories and classified advertisements. visit site

Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection

This is a massive resource written over the years by Melissa Kaplan. It features hundreds of well written articles concerning most aspects of herpetology and links to other of her work. visit site

Mike's Herp Pages

Mike Pingleton has been working on his site since 1994. He is an avid herpetologist in all its forms and his site holds some of his field journals which make very interesting reading. visit site


Chris Davis has over sixty years of experience of keeping amphibians and reptiles and this site holds a wealth of knowledge, including captive breeding and outdoor vivaria. visit site

Ask A Biologist

An absolutely amazing site that allows you to ask real biology experts any question that you cannot get the answer to. It is split into sections including reptiles and dinosaurs! visit site

Keeping Exotic Pets

A general site that gives brief descriptions on keeping an array of unusual pets, along with a variety of articles. Although it does not go into any real depth it is great for a quick browse. visit site

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