Dried Aquatic Food Explained

Dried Food

There is a large selection of dried fish food now available, in a range of types and each is designed for a specific purpose.

Here we look at the most common forms that you will see on the shelves of your local retailer.

Fish Flakes


Flakes are the most commonly available dried foods.

There is a large selection that are specifically made for the nutritional requirements of specific varieties of fish.

There are others that have been created for specific purposes such as colour enhancement, to encourage spawning or to correct nutritional imbalances.

These you could think of as the fish equivalent of the jars at your local health food store.

Fish Pellets


Pellets are designed to allow fish to feed in a more natural way and like flakes there is a large variety.

Pellets are available in lighter or denser forms, so that some types sink to the bottom of the tank, for bottom feeders whilst others remain on the surface for surface feeders.

Fish Tablets


You can think of tablets as largish flat pellets, which is what they are.

They typically sink to the bottom the same as high density pellets, but there are tablets available that stick to the side of the aquarium.

Fish Granules


Granules do not have the same variety of choices offered by flakes or pellets.

As the name implies they are very small and really could be though of as tiny pellets.

As you can probably guess these are used for the smaller inhabitants of your tank.

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