Other Useful Aquatic Equipment

Other Equipment

Apart from the other topics that we have covered in the equipment section, such as aquarium, substrate and filtration systems, there are other devices and chemicals that you will need.

Whilst you might think that some of the equipment beneath is not essential, it may well save you both time and money in the long run!



The humble bucket is one of the most essential items in keeping an aquarium, without it water changes are going to be big problem!

As they are inexpensive and to avoid any risk of contamination you should by a new one and mark it for use only for your aquarium.

Automatic Fish Feeder

Automatic Fish Feeder

If you are planning a vacation and there is no one available or who you trust to feed your fish, then the answer is an automatic fish feeder.

Although they vary in design, the standard automatic fish feeder dispenses exact amounts of dry food in at certain predefined times.

Most are battery operated and work with a timer, but there are some that are triggered by changes in light.

Although most automatic feeders are designed for dry food, there are models that deliver dried eggs that will then hatch in the aquarium, producing larvae for your fish to eat.

Fish Net

Fish Net

A simple but essential piece of equipment is the fish net.

It is a good idea to have at least two as you can use them in conjunction to catch the more reluctant fish.

Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner

Magnetic Glass Cleaner

Apart from keeping the water clean and in good condition, there is also the problem of removing algae and keeping the tank itself clean. An ideal tool is a magnetic glass cleaner.

Made in two parts one is placed inside on the tank's wall and is held in place by magnetic force by the other half on the outside.

Apart from being convenient it also ensures that you do not contaminate the water with any chemicals or soap on your hands.

Python For Cleaning Tanks

Python Gravel Washer

A python makes water changes much easier and less messy, with no buckets involved!

One end attaches to your sink and then by using a faucet pump you suck up water and debris from the gravel.

When this is complete you turn a knob and fresh water replaces the old water you have removed.

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