Caresheet for Goldfish (Carassius auratus

Species:C. auratus

General Description

The goldfish really needs no introduction as it has been kept in captivity for thousands of years. They were originally bred from the wild Prussian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio) which is an olive green in color. There are many varieties of goldfish available ranging from the common goldfish that we all know, to the Black Moor, the Oranda, the Fantail and the Butterfly tail. When ready to spawn males develop white spots around their their gills and females will swell in size due to the eggs she is carrying.


The goldfish is a domesticated version of Carassius auratus which is native to east Asia. Due to their popularity over the centuries goldfish can now be found in the wild in many countries.


3 to 5 inches (8 - 13 cm). This is a rough approximation as goldfish range widely in size.)

Life span

10-30 years


The common varieties of goldfish easy to keep and are an ideal beginners fish for a freshwater aquarium. Some of the more fancy varieties can be a bit trickier to maintain as they need stable water conditions.


Goldfish are generally peaceful and are best kept with other goldfish or fish that are not fin nippers

Tank Size

10 gallon or larger

Tank Region

All over the tank


40F - 80F (5C - 27C)


Omnivore - will eat many food items including flakes, pellets and live foods. As they are so commonly kept, foods made specifically for goldfish are easily obtained.


They are do not normally breed in the home aquarium.


6 to 7.5

Water Hardness(dH)

5 to 20

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