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Welcome to Scales and Fins Reptile Care sheet section!

Here we have selected what we consider great species for the beginner.

These also offer rewards for the more experienced hobbyist and will give many years of pleasure, as you grow in the hobby.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons originate from Australia and are considered to be one of the best lizards to be kept in captivity.

They are a very active lizard and appear to enjoy handling. Bearded Dragons will also breed freely, so make good pets for both beginners and advanced reptile keepers. more...

Corn Snake

Corn Snake

The Corn Snake makes an ideal first snake. They possess a placid temperament and soon become tame.

Many experienced reptile keepers have begun with Corn Snakes and most either still have then in their collection or hold a fondness for the species. more...

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos have been a popular reptile pet for many decades are generally thought to be the ideal starter lizard due to their docile temperament, longevity and comparatively easy care.

The Leopard Gecko is also an ideal species for those who are interested in a breeding project. more...

Royal Python

Royal Python/Ball Python

Royal Pythons are an impressive looking snake for their size, which along with their hardy constitution and docile nature makes them a great starter snake.

Their relatively small adult size and ease of care means that they have become one of the more popular snakes in the hobby. more...

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