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The choices available in setting up your first aquarium can be quite a challenge. So here we have created a section with all the essential items that are required for a successful aquarium.

We look at a variety of topics such as the different types of aquarium available, what sort of substrate to use and the various other pieces of equipment you will need.



The fundamental piece of equipment that you need to keep fish is the aquarium.

There is now a wide range of choice in both shape and materials used.

Here we look at the most common type of tank that you will encounter and examine the pros and cons of each one. more...



To keep the water in good condition you will need some form of filtration system.

In this section we look at the most common types that are available and how they are used.

This should be read after you have visited the articles about Aquarium Filtration and Water Chemistry in Keeping Aquatics The Basics. more...



Substrate is the name of any medium that you use at the bottom of your aquarium.

The choice you make can have a big impact on not just the look of your aquarium but also on its smooth running. more...

Aquarium Decorations


We all have decorations in our house, brightening up a wall or filling a shelf or two.

Generally aquariums need decorations too, but just not to make them look good, they also serve to keep your fish happy. Not only do they break the tank into smaller regions, they also create areas for fish to hide and seek shelter. more...

Other Equipment

Other Equipment

There is a vast array of products available from aquatic suppliers.

This section looks at such items as automatic fish feeders, nets and pythons. Do not worry the python we are talking about here is a device to help you when you do regular water changes! more...

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