Is A Reptile The Pet For You?

Is A Reptile The Pet For You
As you are on this page, the chances are that you are thinking about acquiring a reptile. Well, before you go any further you must ask yourself a few questions.

Whilst reptiles are generally undemanding of time, say in comparison to a dog or a cat, they do come with their own unique demands that maybe you had not thought of.

It is better to ask these questions now rather than at a later date, when things have not worked out quite the way you thought they would.

Am I buying a reptile to impress people?

Of course owning a snake or lizard can be quite impressive to some people, but the most impressive thing is to keep a healthy and happy reptile. If you are thinking purely about how cool your friends will think you are, then the chances are that it will all end up in disappointment.

Is there an adult willing to take responsibility for the animals welfare?

If you are young then you must make sure that you have the backing and support of at least some of the adult members of your household, without it your pet could well suffer.

Is there anyone who strongly objects to sharing their home with a reptile?

Many people are afraid of snakes and lizards. This is quite often due to unfamiliarity and the fear goes after learning a bit more about them, but also some people have a deep seated phobia. If anyone in your household is like this, then a reptile may not be the best animal to introduce to your house!!

What will happen with changing circumstances?

Given the right environment reptiles can live a long time, much longer than say mice or hamsters. If you are young, then hopefully at some point you may go away to college. Unless you are very lucky the chances are you will not be able to take your pet with you. Is there someone who will do this for you when you are away?

Will I spend the time I need to on the animal?

Although reptiles do not require much of your time, they do require some and on a regular basis. You will need to check daily both on your animals health, water and general state of the vivarium. If you think this maybe a chore then, a reptile is definitely not the pet for you.

Can I afford the initial costs?

This is a one off expense for both the animal and al the equipment needed. There is no point trying to cut costs at this point as it will inevitably lead to either bad environment for your pet or further costs for you.

Have I the finances to keep the animal?

Apart from the initial purchase of the vivarium and your reptile, there will be additional costs. You will have to buy a regular supply of food, equipment such as bulbs will need replacing and sometimes bigger expenses such a replacing a thermostat or veterinary bills.

Am I happy handling my animals food?

Most reptiles in captivity are carnivorous, so will you be happy handling dead mice and rats? If it is an insect eater you will probably have to deal with locusts and crickets. Also no matter how careful you are a cricket or two will escape into your household.

Have I the correct environment for my pet?

Not only must you have the space to set up your vivarium, it must also be in the right location. It must be away from direct sunlight, other pets and also smoke and fumes. You will need to be able to access the tank easily and it must be in a safe location away from potential damage.

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